Trainings · Workshops · Seminars

Trainings, Workshops, & Seminars offer many benefits to your business and can improve:

• performance & productivity
• attitude & morale
• leadership skills
• management/staff relations
• personal performance
• team effort

As a professional trainer, speaker, workshop and seminar leader in the Retail Nature Foods and Food Service industries, I offer an educational and inspiring selection of topics. Based on your needs and number of participants, I offer Trainings, Workshops, or Seminars.


training, food service workshop TIZZANO SOLUTIONS
training, food service wine server TIZZANO SOLUTIONS



Trainings are short in length and depth and can include the following areas, which can be expanded into full workshops:

Customer Service in both Retail and Food Service
Interview Preparation
Career Development
Professional Table Service
ServSafe® — food service worker/manager
ServSafe® — alcohol



Workshops are longer than Trainings, more in-depth, comprehensive, and group oriented, and include participant interaction as part of the learning process. Workshops focus on professional development expanding into personal development. Topics can include:

Food Service and Retail Natural Foods specific trainings — new staff through management
Train the Trainer offerings
Management and Leadership Development
Career Advancement



Seminars provide the opportunity to go even more in-depth than workshops. They are comprehensive and group oriented, where participant interaction and engagement fuel the process, optimizing desired outcomes. While presented in a professional format, seminars also touch upon personal development. Topics can include:

Organizational Team Building
Leadership Skills
Leadership Development — from advancing into leadership to taking your organization to the next level

From Clients

Tim’s ability to draw the team into a focused support group actually made it possible for them to achieve something that they previously thought was impossible. The entire experience was profoundly rewarding for all of us. —Susan Agee, Whole Body Team Leader, Whole Foods Market

Tim has a sincere passion for identifying the strengths of any given team and really honing in on the positive collective spirit of any group of people. He understands the importance of bringing people together. There is a cohesiveness that is only gained through relying upon one another and trusting one another. —Eliza Franz, Whole Body Associate Team Leader, Whole Foods Market

Tim taught us to listen to each other, and to trust each other, and showed us what we can accomplish if we support each other. The experience humbled the strong and instilled confidence in the weak. —Daniel Abrams, Prepared Foods Buyer/Receiver, Whole Foods Market

While working as the instructor for our experiential front-of-house training program, Tim demonstrated himself to be a dedicated, caring, adaptable teacher with a strong attention to detail. Tim took his role seriously, pushing our students to strive for excellence by modeling best practices in the dining room and the classroom, and setting high standards for both learning and service. —Gwen Hill, Green Opportunities