Retail Natural Foods

Are you looking for

increased traffic & sales 
increased productivity & efficiency
improved communication between management & employees 


♦ I will do a complete evaluation and assessment of your business, including these three areas — financial, administrative, personnel

♦ I will take note of the retail sales floor, customer service, product mix, merchandizing and overall feel

♦ I will help you formulate a goal setting worksheet

♦ I will go over this carefully and present you with what I have identified as the positive driving forces to achieving your goals along with possible causes of what’s getting in the way

♦ I will then outline a plan of recommended solutions


♦ Training staff in specific tasks including buying, merchandising, customer service, department management, and supervision

♦ Training and development for specific positions, from hourly to management

♦ Revamping current in-house food services, where applicable

♦ Creating and building an in-store food service venue

♦ Product mix and end cap building to optimize margins

♦ The implementation of recommended solutions to meet your goals in each area

Consultant Retail Natural Foods Tim Tizzano
Tim consulting for Annie’s Bakery

From Clients

Tim Tizzano came into our 40 year old natural food store and immediately went to work training our staff on customer service, sales and accountability, cutting down on waste, setting new standards and implementing old standards that were loosely in place. When there were obstacles or personnel matters, Tim was the first to sit down and work out issues in a compassionate way. —Steve and Carol Neely, Plum Natural Market, Forest City, NC

Tim Tizzano is a highly skilled consultant who helped us transform our deli department’s operations and provided us with the resources to take it to the next level. He has a uniquely inclusive approach, which draws team members in, instead of turning them off. I would recommend his services to any business in need of better teamwork and/or more refined systems. —Bobby Sullivan, General Manager, French Broad Food Coop